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Keep the family entertained and on the look out with the Yellowstone Explorer App.

Buckle up! Join us on the journey to document and explore Yellowstone National Park. Yellowstone Explorer is ready to guide you through the sights most notable to the park. With the added help of our park friends, you'll see the most up to date locations on animals through Yellowstone. We know you will enjoy the experience through the educational and interactive features of the app.

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Find active animals in the Yellowstone National park with the Yellowstone Explorer app
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Spot it

See something? So did we! Find your own animals or check out what we've seen to complete your Yellowstone checklist.

We took the guess work out of it. The most active animals in the park are mapped in real time making your time on the road worth the drive. We are improving the odds of spotting animals you came to see.

Check it off with the Yellowstone Explorer app

Check it

#FamilyGoals! Check off all the animals, sights, and plants through Yellowstone and achieve the goals together!

Bison, check! Old Faithful, check! Grizzly, check! Mud Volcano, check! Keep track of your bragging rights and the kids engaged at the same time, all while finding things through the park. Be sure to check it off and complete the list to share the accomplishments with your friends.

Check off animals in Yellowstone National Park on your phone using the Yellowstone Explorer App
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Badge it

It's game time! Become a Yellowstone Explorer by collecting all the badges and getting the most from the adventure through the park.

Bring the family together to complete the most badges. Get all the badges throughout the park by finding the sights, animals, and plants while collecting memories at the same time. Complete them all and become the Top Yellowstone Explorer!

Learn it about Yellowstone National Park by exploring the Yellowstone Explorer app.

Learn it

Don't just tour Yellowstone, learn about it.

Become an enthusiast and educate the family by bringing Yellowstone to life. Yellowstone Explorer covers hydrothermal activity, animals and behaviors and plant life through the park.

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Tell everyone how much you love the app so they can be prepared for their next road trip with Yellowstone Explorer.


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